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Exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to healthy living. Exercise helps to increase your muscle mass, which will help to support your skeletal structure. A well-built body is also attractive to look at, so you will be held in high esteem by society. That said, only a small number of people are able to achieve their fitness objectives. This is because bodybuilding is a lengthy and painful process that requires a lot of dedication and discipline. To develop a great physique, the following are some bodybuilding tips you may want to try out:

i) High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a form of exercise that not only helps to build strength but also endurance. The two best HIIT exercises are cycling and sprinting. You can choose whichever is convenient for you. The exercise has two components; high-intensity and low-intensity training. To start the exercise, you cycle or jog at a slow pace for about a minute then sprint as hard as you can for about 30 seconds before resting for around a minute. Repeat the same cycle for around 20 minutes before completing the exercise. The results are much better than cycling or running for several hours.

ii) Weight Training

There are different types of weight-training exercises that can benefit your fitness program. Bench presses, barbell curls and dumbbell exercises can significantly improve your physique. This is because they work a wide range of muscles around the body. You can either join a gym or purchase your own equipment to use at home. There are many online stores that have both new and used equipment where you can buy the equipment you need at pocket-friendly rates.

iii) Supplements

It is difficult to gain muscle and get fit without using supplements. While you can always try to eat as much proteins and carbohydrates as you want, the body will have a hard time digesting and absorbing all the nutrients it needs. An easier and cheaper option would be to continue with your normal diet and use supplements to ensure the body has all the nutrients it needs. Whey protein supplements are the most popular supplements for bodybuilders.

iv) Get Sufficient Rest

Performing a lot of exercise without resting is harmful to your body. This is because the body will get burnt out. Ideally, you should get at least 7 hours of sleep daily to allow your mind and body to rest. Furthermore, you should alternate between resting days and exercise days. For instance, if you go to the gym on Mondays, you should rest on Tuesdays. Similarly, you should also alternate your exercises. If you worked your upper body on Monday, you should work your lower body on Tuesday, and so on.